About our services

We offer personalised training and support programs to make your life more independent.
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About our services

Experience your life independently

Everyone experiences the world differently. Whether we’re conscious of them or not, we all learn skills to help us navigate our daily environments. Getting on a train, going to work or school, or functioning at home — each one requires a set of practical abilities.

These skills are essential in getting us out and active in the community – safely exploring the world and our own personal potential. These kinds of skills can be learned in Orientation & Mobility training, or with the support of Occupational Therapists.

‘Orientation’ refers to our understanding of where we are in the environment. ‘Mobility’ relates to our ability to move safely and confidently through the environment. Occupational Therapists teach skills to independently perform all kinds of daily tasks.

Anything is possible with the right support through a service program designed for you. Talk to us about your personal goals and what you hope to achieve in life.

Occupational Therapy service

Skills to master your daily goals

Do you want to safely prepare your family meal? Are you hoping to take up gardening to remove the weeds from your front lawn?

Through Occupational Therapy support, our specialists teach you skills to independently perform daily tasks. These can include personal care, domestic duties and may other kinds of community and recreational activities. You tell us what you want to do, we’ll teach you the necessary skills.

Peer support

Connect with people in the community

We provide many opportunities to meet with other people who have low vision. There are support services, activities, events and training programs. By sharing stories, understanding and experiences, you can draw support from your peers or just enjoy making new friends.

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Funding options

Get financial support

You may be able to access funding and assistance through our range of funding channels. Learn more about the funding options that are available to you, which option may be best suited to your personal needs and how to apply for financial assistance.

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Request a service


If you are hoping to access support for someone you know, we welcome referrals from friends, family members and a wide range of health professionals.

For more information on accessing support services, training programs, or to start improving or regaining your independence:


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Give freedom and confidence this Christmas

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