About low vision.

Learn more about eye health, the various types of low vision, and how to interact with people who have low vision.
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Understanding types of low vision

Low vision or blindness can be present from birth, develop over time, or occur as a result of illness or injury. A significant change in vision or ongoing low vision can greatly affect our independence and mobility.

While the right supports and training can minimise the impact of a change in vision, maintaining good eye health reduces the risk of vision loss in later life. Frequent examinations can allow for early detection and treatment; 75% of vision loss in Australia is preventable.

Learn more about the human eye

Learn more about types of low vision

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How to guide someone with blindness or low vision

People with low vision sometimes require assistance to move through certain situations. The aim of providing guidance is to support a person so they can travel safely, confidently and efficiently.

There are a variety of guiding practices that apply to different scenarios. From assisting a person with low vision in general, to more specific practical situations like getting into a car, navigating an escalator, or interacting in different workplaces, the following techniques will ensure effective, safe and comfortable interactions.

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Apply for a service

If you are hoping to access support for someone you know, we welcome referrals from friends, family members, and a wide range of health professionals.


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