The leading people and principles of Guide Dogs Victoria.
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Guide Dogs Victoria is governed in accordance with:

  • the Corporations Act 2001
  • the Guide Dogs Victoria Articles of Association
  • the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012
  • the Charities Act 1978

The Board, in undertaking its role in representing Guide Dogs Victoria’s Members, and in promoting and protecting Guide Dogs Victoria is committed to:

  • Better practice standards of governance.
  • Overseeing and monitoring our business using due care and diligence to ensure our long term reputation and financial sustainability, and our vision is achieved.
  • Acting in good faith, with honesty and integrity, and in the best interests of our Members, clients, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders.

Our commitment to leading standards

The Board is comprised of up to eleven unpaid non-executive directors. Each member is elected by the Members or co-opted to fill casual vacancies. The CEO is not a Board member.

Board Committees have been established to cover the key areas of our business. Each Committee focuses on specific tasks and programs being undertaken by Management, aligned to our Strategic Directions.

Our Annual and Financial Reports are available here.

Our Board

The Guide Dogs Victoria Board consists of up to eleven directors.

The Board is responsible for the development of our organisational strategic directions, monitoring organisational performance, and overseeing organisational governance and risk requirements. The Board operates the following subcommittees:

  • Audit, Finance and Risk Management
  • Remuneration
  • Nominations
  • Future is in Sight: Campus Redevelopment
  • Future is in Sight: Innovation

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Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team is comprised of nine key positions.

The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for implementing the overarching organisational strategy set by the Board. The team ensures that performance goals are met and that our work and programs are undertaken efficiently, effectively and sustainably. Key Leadership Team positions include:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • General Manager, Client and Vision Services
  • General Manager, People and Culture
  • Head of Canine and Supply Chain Services
  • Head of Marketing and Communication
  • Head of Fundraising
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO

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The Consumer Engagement Council of Guide Dogs.

The Consumer Engagement Council of Guide Dogs Victoria plays an important role in facilitating the exchange of information and ideas between Guide Dogs Victoria, the Board and most importantly, the people with low vision who use our services. The Consumer Engagement council:

  • Develop and regularly review a framework for the engagement of consumers and the community in the day-to-day running of Guide Dogs Victoria
  • Facilitate two-way communication between clients, volunteers, carers, community groups, service providers and Guide Dogs Victoria
  • Through three working groups
    • Codesign new services, products and community strategies that improve the independence of people with low vision or blindness.
    • Participate in the development of improvements to quality and safety across Guide Dogs Victoria
    • Participate in the development of Guide Dogs Victoria’s strategic plan and our masterplan development and implementation with regard to accessibility (and other projects.
  • Provide encouragement, support, and insight into the use and appropriateness of Guide Dogs Victoria’s services to prospective clients/

View our Consumer Engagement Council Member Profiles.

Terms of reference

The Terms of Reference of the Consumer Advisory Council.

The Terms of Reference of the Consumer Advisory Council are modelled on consumer groups operating successfully in similar agencies. They include the State Disability Advisory Council of the Department of Human Services and the Graduate Advisory Council of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Inc of California.

The Council meets a minimum of twice annually. Members are selected to ensure:

  • Equal representation from each of our five client service groups, namely Guide Dog, Acquired Brain Injury, Children’s and Intensive Orientation and Mobility Services and Intensive Occupational Therapy
  • Geographical diversity — with clients from regional Victoria as well as the metropolitan area
  • Balance of men and women
  • Representation from related fields

Expressions of interest.

From time to time, we seek expressions of interest in membership to the Consumer Advisory Council. For further information, email or use the contact form to correspond with us.

Child Safe Policy Statement

Child Safe Policy Statement

The safety and wellbeing of children is of the highest priority to Guide Dogs Victoria. We are committed to providing an environment where children and young people are safe, feel supported to share their concerns and have their voices heard.

All Guide Dogs Victoria staff and volunteers undergo a Working with Children check, Police Check, International Police Check and National Disability Worker Screening Check where appropriate.

A young child playing outside with the mother watching in the background.

GDV will undertake to-:

  1. Take a preventative, proactive and participatory approach to child safety.
  2. Value and empower children to participate in decisions which affect their lives.
  3. Foster a culture of openness that supports all persons to safely disclose risks of harm to children.
  4. Respect diversity in cultures and child rearing practices while keeping child safety paramount.
  5. Provide guidance on appropriate conduct and behaviour towards children.
  6. Ensure children know who to talk with if they are worried or are feeling unsafe, and that they are comfortable and encouraged to raise their concerns.
  7. Report suspected physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse, neglect or mistreatment promptly to the appropriate authorities.

Other Policies

Other Policies

Feedback, policies and complaints:

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Annual Reports

Reporting our results

Each year, the Guide Dogs Victoria Annual Report summarises our work in the community over the previous financial year. It features commentary from key personnel, facts and figures, and outlines the positive impact we’ve been able to achieve.

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