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We view feedback as an opportunity to understand what we do well and what we could do better. We are always honest and open when dealing with your feedback.

  • We treat all feedback as genuine and important
  • We address feedback promptly
  • All feedback is handled confidentially and sensitively
  • We may need to contact you to clarify your concerns, this is only done where necessary
  • For or more information on how to provide feedback or make a complaint, call 1800 804 805 or email

Media contact information

For any media enquiries please contact our PR Agency, Keep Left on (03) 9268 7800

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    Volunteer as a puppy raiser

    At eight weeks of age, our Guide Dog pups are placed in the community with volunteer Puppy Raisers. These families or individuals ensure that our new puppy recruits get the best possible care in a loving home environment, while receiving necessary training.

    To learn more information or enquire to participate in the program, please visit our dedicated page about volunteering to become a Puppy Raiser.

    golden labrador puppy wearing a harness walking towards the camera

    Make a referral

    If you hope to make a referral or enquire about accessing services to support your independence, please use the dedicated ‘request a service form’ at the link below. This ensures we get all the information we need to process the referral in the most appropriate way.

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    Become a Puppy Pal today

    Donate monthly to follow the newest litter of pups, name future Guide Dog puppies and more!