Our Annual Reports.

Celebrating our success and positive contributions to the community.
A ten week old caramel labrador puppy. The puppy is sitting flat on some grass.

About our Annual Reports

Reporting our results: the Annual Report.

The Guide Dogs Victoria Annual Report summarises our work in the community over the past financial year. It features commentary from key personnel, facts and figures, and outlines the positive impact we’ve been able to achieve.

A person using their white cane at the train station while being guided by a train station attendant.

Our reports from 2023

2023 Annual Reports.

Client Lucy holding her cane standing in front of a painted wall

Our reports from 2014

2014 Annual Reports.

A young child laying down looking into the face of a yellow labrador dog with a smile on their face, They are both outside and are sitting facing each other.

Our reports from 2013

2013 Annual Reports.

A young child with their mother seated on the ground. The mother is holding the child from behind and looking at her child. The child is looking at the camera smiling.

Our reports from 2012

2012 Annual Reports.

A person laying outside on some grass next to an eight week old labrador puppy. The puppy and person are both looking at the camera.