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Reclassified Dog Adoption

Find out about dogs who have had a career change.
Two eight week old yellow labrador puppies asleep next to a blue and pink ball.

How to apply for a reclassified Guide Dog

We are not currently accepting expressions of interest to join our Pet Dog Waitlist. Please check back in later.

We are currently accepting applications for our Therapy Dog Program. To learn more, click here.

Two adults seated behind a Guide Dog in Training who is wearing a Guide Dog in Training jacket. The adults are both smiling at the camera.

What are reclassified dogs?

Due to the exceptionally high standards required to become a Guide Dog or Therapy Dog, we need loving forever homes for the dogs that are not quite suited to these demanding roles. A dog may be made available for adoption because they have not passed certain health or training tests.

Priority for our reclassified dogs is given to identifying an alternative role through which they can support a new handler’s independence.

Some of these roles include:

If such a role cannot be identified, we will then look for a suitable family ‘forever’ home.

In the case where one of our dogs is reclassified as a pet, priority will be given to people who support our ongoing efforts to enable Victorians, who are blind or have low vision, to achieve a life without limits (e.g. Major donors, Puppy Raisers, Breeding Stock Guardians, etc.).

View our latest graduates from the past year.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless specified due to the nature of any ongoing role, our reclassified dogs do not have the same access rights as a Guide Dog/puppy in training or a working Guide Dog.

We are not currently accepting applications to our Pet Dog waitlist.

Two people kissing the cheeks of a yellow labrador dog. The dog is seated in between the two people and is looking at the camera.

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What makes a good fit for a Guide Dog home?

Generally speaking, a welcoming, loving environment makes a fantastic fit for a reclassified Guide Dog. Beyond that, there are some specific requirements for best-possible forever homes:

  • Our dogs are accustomed to sleeping indoors and spend most of their days in the company of humans. We ask that our dogs are generally not left alone for more than 4 hours at a time and do not become ‘back-yard’ dogs.
  • You must have a fully fenced yard or a suitable living space for a large sized dog.
  • Labradors are often joyful and energetic dogs that need sufficient exercise and daily enrichment to live happy and healthy lives. We ask that applicants are able to provide this, and have a basic understanding of general canine husbandry.
  • All dogs from Guide Dogs Victoria are de-sexed and microchipped. All dogs are vet checked prior to placement with their new owner and are up to date with vaccination, heartworm and worming treatment.
A young child laying down looking into the face of a yellow labrador dog with a smile on their face, They are both outside and are sitting facing each other.

Support Guide Dog Puppies

Donate a ball to our puppy ball pit and support puppy enrichment and training.