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Stella holds up a yellow painting and smiles

Help children like Stella achieve their dreams and complete their rainbow

Your donation can support children like Stella to reach their goals. One day, Stella dreams of being a painter and working with all the colours of the rainbow. Or a vet, to help young puppies be their best!

Meet Stella

Your donation can support children like Stella to achieve their dream.

“My name is Stella and I am six years old. I was born with a condition called Achromatopsia – it means that my eyes don’t work very well, and I only see in black and white. I have to wear special glasses all the time. My eyes will never get any better, so I will see in black and white for my whole life.

I use a white cane to get around outside and Katrina from Guide Dogs has been teaching me lots of new skills. I also use a lot of technology every day to help me with school and other things. I want to be a Vet when I grow up, or maybe a painter.

Even though the problem with my eyes is rare, I know that there are other girls and boys my age that need lots of special help and training from Guide Dogs.”

Stella is dressed up as Freida Khalo holding a paint palette and smiling

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