Give freedom and confidence to people like Leah

“Just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t have a vision”
Leah sits on a park bench with her yellow Labrador guide dog Buzz

Meet Leah

Leah, a talented artist living in a rural community and a proud Indigenous woman, has faced her fair share of challenges. Diagnosed with ocular neuropathy while undergoing chemotherapy, she found herself thrown into a world of uncertainty.

The loss of her vision was devastating, not only for her artistic career, but also for her everyday life. It was during this difficult period that Leah’s path intersected with Guide Dogs and things started to feel brighter.

Leah stands in front of a wall of paintings holding her white cane

Meet Buzz

Initially using a white cane for mobility, Leah came to Guide Dogs to learn how she could overcome the challenges caused by her vision loss. She yearned to get back to creating her art and to connect with the world around her as she had before the loss of her vision.

Then, Guide Dog Buzz entered her life and everything changed.

Buzz opened a world of possibilities for Leah. Together, they embarked on a journey of exploration, overcoming obstacles and embracing their new partnership. Buzz brought a new confidence to Leah which reinspired her creative passions and enabled her to feel confident taking her kids out and participating in her local community again.

Leah and Buzz walking down the street. Text reads
An artwork with blue and yellow paint depicting a beach with footprints and pawprints in the sand.