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The Future is in Sight.

Introducing the progressive plan to redevelop our iconic site in Kew, to create the world's first fully accessible sensory campus.
Close up of a person with their Guide Dog, who is caramel in colour and in harness. The person is smiling at the dog.
"It will help give the gift of freedom and independence to more Victorians living with blindness or permanent vision loss. It will be a source of pride for all Victorians."
- Paul Wheelton AM KSJ, Campaign Chair.

What is the 'Future is in Sight’ project?

The ‘Future is in Sight’ is a progressive redevelopment project that will enable us to meet the rapidly rising demand for vision support services. It will ensure we can continue to provide support for people with low vision or blindness for many years to come.

The ‘Future is in Sight’ project involves the transformational redevelopment of our iconic site in Kew, to create the world’s first fully accessible sensory campus.

The new campus will ensure that when people begin a journey with blindness, they will feel hope, warmth, and community, instead of fear. The campus will inspire people to embrace change and strive to achieve their goals in life.

The new campus will include:

  • A world-class training centre of excellence.
  • Residential accommodation for Clients to develop independent living skills.
  • A dog training precinct.
  • A community education hub.
A render of a building with an outside footpath that is covered, next to a small stream with pebbles in it. Across the stream is a wooden bridge.

How it will benefit the community

To ensure we will always be there for those in need, we had to think differently about how our organisation is supported.

Just like the people who access our services, we need to move from dependence to independence. We need to move from a reliance on grants and donations and transform into a thriving, independent organisation with a secure financial base.

To support this transformation, we are introducing three new business enterprises that will serve the local community while generating new income streams for our organisation.

The new commercial hub will include:

  • A veterinary clinic.
  • A teaching facility.
  • An on-site dog friendly café.
A person walking inside a building using a white cane.

Why is this project so important?

For more than 60 years, Guide Dogs Victoria has been globally recognised for world-class practice and innovation in the vision sector. The ‘Future is in Sight’ project will ensure we continue to deliver on this reputation by supporting the community for many years to come.

In 1957, we established the first national breeding and training centre for Guide Dogs in Australia. We now provide an extensive range of high-quality orientation and mobility services, supporting thousands of people with low vision or blindness, to live fulfilling and independent lives.


A person sitting outside with a black labrador dog. The person is looking at the dog smiling and the dog is looking at the person.

Historically, our organisation has received very little government funding.

Instead, we rely heavily on the generosity of the Victorian community: your donations provide vital funds for the delivery of services to those in need.

$33.9 million is required to make our vision for the Future is in Sight project into a reality.

We cannot restore sight, but together we can open up a world of opportunity for people with low vision or blindness through this transformational project.

How you can help

The time to build is now. The opportunity is in your hands. Together, we can do so much.

For further information on the ‘Future is in Sight’ project or how you can help us raise the last $3.3 million to complete this fundraising campaign, please contact Evan Gordon, General Manager of Fundraising on or donate now.

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Guide Dogs Victoria Redevelopment Update

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