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Become a Guide Dog Trainer

A Guide Dogs staff member and a caramel labrador dog sitting outside. The staff member has their arm around the dog and both are looking at the camera smiling.

What is a Guide Dog Trainer?

Our Clients have minimal or no vision and the dog is expected to guide them around obstacles and identify dangers in the environment. A typical day would be to provide for the Guide Dogs in Training’s welfare, toilet, feed, exercise and provide at least one formal training session in the community in all weathers. Each trainer would have six dogs to train at any one time.

Guide Dog Trainers working with dogs in the MCEC

What skills or qualifications do you need to become a Guide Dog Trainer?

Usually, we are looking for people over the age of 18 with a driver’s license. Training to become a qualified Guide Dog Trainer is in house, provided by an International Guide Dog Federation accredited Guide Dog school, in the form of an 18 month cadetship. We generally look to recruit cadets to train ourselves.

A photo of Guide Dog in Training, Hitch, looking up at his handler. The handler is reaching into a bright orange treat bag which is strapped around their waist.

What should you do if you want to apply to become a Guide Dog Trainer?

We do not recruit frequently so it’s always best to keep looking.

A woman crouches next to a black Labrador.

You can change a life. Support Guide Dogs before June 30.

It’s estimated almost 70 Australians a day will be diagnosed with a severe vision condition by 2030. With your help, we will be able to provide the support to meet this growing need.