Guide Dog Etiquette.

How to interact with Guide Dogs in the community.
A close up image of a black labrador dogs face.

How to interact with a Guide Dog

It takes a lot of training and concentration for a person with low vision to work safely with a Guide Dog.

Please follow these tips to ensure that Guide Dogs and users can successfully navigate the community together.


A person walking down the street with their yellow labrador Guide Dog who is in a harness.
  • The Guide Dog must not be the centre of attention. Please don’t pat feed or otherwise distract the dog when it is working. A well-intentioned pat can undo months of intensive training.
  • Please don’t grab onto the person or the dogs’ harness. Always ask if they need assistance.
  • When you provide guiding assistance, please walk on the person’s opposite side to the Guide Dog.
  • Please ensure your pet dog is on a leash or under control when near a Guide Dog. When approaching, it may be helpful to let the person know that you have a dog.
  • If you see a loose Guide Dog, please contact the local council.
  • According to government legislation, you must allow a Guide Dog to go anywhere that the person working with it can go.
  • Guide Dogs are fully vaccinated and health-checked regularly.
  • The Guide Dog should be well behaved at all times, and settled when not working.
  • When working, the Guide Dog should avoid temptations such as begging for food,drooling and chewing objects around them.
  • The Guide Dog should respond to the handler’s commands to maintain its concentration.
  • The Guide Dog should be clean, groomed and free of offensive odours.
  • People who work with Guide Dogs have been trained in the most effective ways to control their dog’s behaviour. Please only provide assistance if requested.

How to support the Guide Dog training program

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