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Mythbusting facts on getting a Guide Dog

February 14, 2024

I have too much vision for a Guide Dog 

GDV work with Clients of all stages of vision loss and some individuals may not be aware how limiting their vision has become. If you are identifying challenges with everyday tasks or mobility then we would be keen to work with you and provide education in supporting your access to the community. 

I live in an apartment so I can’t have a dog 

We have many Guide Dog Handlers that live in apartments and enjoy the mobility support and company a Guide Dog provides. We assess everyone and their circumstances as an individual so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the suitability of your accommodation. 

I have a pet dog so a Guide Dog would not feel welcome  

Our dogs are incredibly social and love the company of other dogs and pets in general. Our staff will be able to advise you on the best way to manage this and support a Guide Dog transitioning into the home. Many of our Puppy Raisers also have other pets themselves, so our dogs are desensitised to lots of animals.  

I work so I can’t take my dog to the workplace 

Guide Dogs have a wide variety of access rights and workplaces are very supportive of Guide Dogs entering their facilities. If your workplace is industrialised and you are concerned about safety, our staff will be able to provide you the best advice around how to manage this. 

I am studying and a Guide Dog would be challenged by the complicated University environment and disruptive in my study rooms  

Guide Dogs thrive on challenges and enjoy using their initiative to work through complicated environments. They are extremely well behaved so would not be a distraction while you are studying and can even be an advantage to meeting people and engaging in social conversation. 

Melaine and Dessau standing at the train station

Melaine and her Guide Dog Dessau standing at the train station.

I travel too much, I’m worried about how my Guide Dog will cope 

Some of our Guide Dogs have flown more air miles than pilots! Our training is personalised, so if you like to travel a lot, we will help you train with your dog in airports and on planes to get you both comfortable. Plus, all airports have dog toileting facilities. It’s quite accessible these days.  

I don’t work or study so the Guide Dog will not have enough work to do  

A Guide Dog is a good reason to get out and about to complete everyday living tasks such as shopping and meeting people for social events. Regular exercise is good for the body and mind, so walking with a Guide Dog will promote improved physical and mental wellbeing  

I do not qualify for a Guide Dog due to age  

We will assess every application on its merit and recommend pathways to individuals achieving their goals. Please feel free to speak to our staff in relation to your mobility preferences. 

I don’t qualify for funding (NDIS, My Aged Care) 

If you don’t qualify for government funding streams, we provide options courtesy of philanthropic donations.   

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