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Regular Giving: Puppy Pals.

Become a Guide Dogs Puppy Pal by donating monthly. This means you'll get to follow pups along their training journey, attend exclusive events, and even have the chance to name future Guide Dog puppies!
A yellow Labrador puppy sitting in a Guide Dog harness
Help these pups achieve their PAWtential!

Meet the puppies

Lady, Lexi, Libby, Lottie, Luna, Louie and Lenny were born on 5 March 2023 to proud parents Olwyn and Wade. Help these pups to have the best chance at becoming Guide Dogs today.

What do I get as a Puppy Pal?

By becoming a Puppy Pal, your tax-deductible gift will give these pups the best possible start on their journey towards becoming Guide Dogs. That’s pretty incredible on its own, but you also will get all kinds of exclusive offers and opportunities too.

A letter and cards with Labrador puppies on them

Quarterly PUPdates

Regular updates so you can watch the puppies grow.

Three yellow Labrador puppies

Name future pups

Opportunity to name future Guide Dog puppies.

A person speaking into a microphone with their Guide Dog standing in front of them

Exclusive events

Invitations to exclusive Puppy Pal events.

You’ll follow these pups on their journey from playful puppies to highly-skilled Guide Dogs. You’ll be there for all their special milestones and see them learn and grow from birth to graduation.

How will my donation make a difference?

Right now, it costs more than $50,000 to breed, raise and train just one working Guide Dog. But with your help, we can train even more life-changing Guide Dogs and ensure anyone who needs a Guide Dog has access to one.

Your regular donations play a vital role in supporting our Guide Dog Program, this includes:

  • Training and enrichment equipment
  • Maintenance of our kennel facilities
  • Veterinary costs
  • And expert dog training staff

See firsthand how your monthly gift made a difference to Suzie’s life.

A person sitting on a park bench. Quote reads: "He is my eyes, my guide and my protector... He makes sure I am safe."

Meet Suzie and Luna

Become a Puppy Pal today!

Frequently asked questions

Puppy Pals will receive an annual tax receipt in July each year, which will include a summary of all donations from the previous financial year.

As a Puppy Pal to a litter of our trainee Guide Dogs pups, you will receive:

  • A welcome pack, including a magnetic photo frame
  • Quarterly ‘PUPdates’ to follow the puppies’ journeys
  • An invitation to our exclusive Puppy Pal events
  • The opportunity to name future Guide Dog puppies
  • A cute Christmas card at the end of each year
  • A receipt of your tax-deductible gifts at the end of the financial year
  • Lots more surprises!

While you are closely following the journey of this litter of adorable pups, your donations will contribute to the Guide Dog Program as a whole, supporting all our puppies in their development. Ultimately, your donation goes toward helping people with low vision or blindness live confident and independent lives.

You can become a Puppy Pal from as little as $20 a month.

You can sign up online by clicking here and following the prompts. If you need any help or would like to receive a sign-up form via the post, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 804 805. We would be delighted to hear from you!

If you are a current Puppy Pal and would like to update your details, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 804 805.

As a Puppy Pal, your contribution will have an immediate impact, as you help our pups get a head start right from birth. Your donations will support our Guide Dog Program, including training and enrichment equipment, maintenance of our kennel facilities, veterinary costs, and expert dog training staff.

We understand that your circumstances may change. If you would like to suspend your regular donation for a period of time or adjust the amount you donate, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 804 805. You can also cancel your regular donation at any time, and our team will be happy to help in any way we can.

We’re sorry to hear you haven’t received your welcome pack yet. It can take approximately two weeks for your welcome pack to be processed and dispatched. If this time has passed, please email or call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 804 805.

For your ongoing safety and that of our team, there may be delays in processing and dispatching your Puppy Pal welcome pack due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The monthly commitment of our generous Puppy Pals:

  • Helps Guide Dogs plan ahead and invest in long term solutions
  • Provides steady and ongoing support to people with low vision or blindness in their time of need
  • Ensures that we are ready to support our newest litters of pups.