Puppy Sponsorship.

Give freedom, independence and mobility.
A young child kissing a black twelve week old black labrador puppy. the young child has its eyes closed and the puppy is looking to the left of the camera.

Why our puppies need your essential support

Vision loss is on the rise in Australia. As a result, the demand for Guide Dogs is too.

We live in an aging population where longevity creates vision impairment; where disease creates vision loss; and where accidents cause vision trauma. People can experience vision loss at any stage of life.

We need to breed and train more Guide Dogs every year. Given that each Guide Dog costs in excess of $50,000, our supports and services rely heavily on the kindness of sponsorship. By sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy, you can give freedom, independence and mobility to a person with low vision.

Alternatively, you can support puppies by making a tax-deductible donation. Donations are used to buy play kits, comfy beds, puppy vaccination packs, and more.

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Or, join the Puppy Pals. As a Puppy Pal, you get the opportunity to see the very first glimpses of the puppies you sponsor. You also have the chance to name the puppies, and attend an exclusive ‘Meet the Pups’ event where you can play and cuddle to your heart’s content.

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Learn about the Guide Dog training program

It takes up to two years to breed, raise and train every working Guide Dog.

Although two years might sound like a long time, a working Guide Dog can change a person’s circumstances for life.

People tell us about their new sense of freedom; of safety; of potential; of independence; and of companionship. They are no longer alone battling the streets with a cane. They can navigate obstacles more easily. They can go places that were previously impossible. A Guide Dog helps people regain the ability to do things many of us take for granted: catch public transport, go to school or work, or simply move through the community with confidence.

The Guide Dog program is invaluable, and your support is absolutely critical. Sponsor an individual puppy today and change someone’s life for the better. Sponsorship is fully tax-deductible.

Two eight week old puppies, one yellow and one black, asleep on some grass. The yellow puppy has one paw on top of the black puppy.

Join us this PAWGUST. Walk or run every day to raise funds for Guide Dogs.

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